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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Flowers And Services

S.E.A. Park Florist has already had network of more than 100 florists in every state, city and town in Malaysia. We are a member of Interflora for 41 years and have experience delivering flower world wide.

Our Company

Our story begins in 1973, where a small corner flower store business was started to serve the local community at S.E.A. PARK town. We have then move on to establish the business known as S.E.A. PARK Florist or South East Asia Park Florist became the one of the pioneer in the industry.

On the 3rd March 1984, S.E.A. Park Florist has established the Business becoming the first Florist in Malaysia to own a building of its own and developing the business to aa greater level. S.E.A. Park Florist is managed by a 30 over years experience with highly skilled profession Mr. Lee and Mrs. Alice. They are highly skilled, qualified and experiences with international qualification and teaching experiences.

Traditionally, Flowers have been used as a medium to convey all manner of human emotion – of love, sympathy care, congratulations, gratitude & joy. Today, a person who indulges in this skillful ancient art requires more than just knowledge and fundamentals. Beside having the talent and a love of aesthetics, he must be discipline dedicated, and above all, have the total understanding of the principles governing floral arrangement. These are the basic work ethnics that separate a professional from the ordinary person. S.E.A. Park Florist is one such institution that subscribes to this belief.

We bring our customer unique-personalized flowers and gifts for any occasions that develop and enchance relationships with the special and important people in their lives. We are committed in seving our customer with affordable, high quality flowers and gifts. We provide a large selection, information about the latest trends and concepts, personalized services and great price. We will certain make you flowers for your special events will exceed your expectation. 
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